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Specialists in GLP research & project management in the Americas

IAR specializes in producing quality and on-time field-trial data from Latin and North America. We offer management and field services for Residue Import Tolerance, Pollinator and Environmental Fate studies. Working with local field research companies, we offer full services of these programs from conception to final report in regulatory compliance with EPA and OECD. IAR offers bilingual (English and Spanish) field documentation and continuous communications between sponsor and IAR’s study director and field investigator. IAR has conducted GLP research and trained field investigators in GLP computerized data collection in more than 15 countries. The IAR US and LatAm GLP staff is skilled at planning, monitoring and executing projects on-time and within budget from conception to final report.


Worldwide Experience

IAR has conducted GLP research — and trained field investigators in GLP computerized-data collection — in more than 15 countries. The IAR staff is skilled at planning, monitoring and executing projects on-time and within budget.

IAR has conducted research in these countries:

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Ecuador
  • France
  • Honduras
  • Guatemala
  • India
  • Martinique
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

IAR Services

International Agricultural Research, Inc. (IAR) is a wise choice for worldwide GLP project management. Utilizing advanced technology, IAR provides seamless, integrated project management and quality assurance in Mexico, Central & South America. We specialize in designing studies that meet required guidelines without incurring unnecessary cost. Take advantage of the value we provide in the following areas:

  • Bilingual Project Management (Spanish/English)
  • Project planning, design and implementation
  • Protocol, field, and final reporting
  • Translation of GLP documents
  • Experienced quality assurance officer
  • On-site field monitoring
  • Computerized GLP data collection
  • Extensive international network of field researchers
  • Analytical laboratory management
  • Computer-based project timelines and monitoring

Project Management Deliverables

  • Study directorship by IAR. The study director has ultimate responsibility for the study — a single contact for all study details.
  • GLP-compliant protocol for field & analytical phases.
  • Bilingual GLP-compliant field trial notebooks, facility log books, SOPs and sample lists/labels.
  • Importation of test substance, including customs clearance and acquisition of experimental use permits, if needed.
  • Historical weather data for field sites (max/min temperatures + monthly rainfall data) and historical pesticide-usage data for field sites.
  • IAR on-site management visits to application/sampling event per country. On-site visits include: site approvals, raw data notebook review, assistance with calibration/ application, samplings & crop shipments.
  • Continuous monitoring of applications, samplings, shipping events and GLP records in the field by IAR. Prompt application/harvest/shipping updates to sponsor.
  • Retention/return of test-substance containers to sponsor. (EPA regulations require that test-substance containers be retained until final study report is completed.)
  • All field and final reports conform to EPA-40 CFR part 160.185.
  • Periodic and complete GLP training of principal field investigators and assistants.

Quality Assurance Deliverables

  • On-site quality assurance audits of critical phase events (applications and/or samplings).
  • QA audits of protocol, field-trial notebooks and raw data, field reports & final report.
  • Facility audits for each participating principal field investigator.
  • All QA events reported to sponsor in a timely manner (within two weeks).

The IAR Advantage:

  • GLP & efficacy field trials
  • Emphasis on timely & accurate performance
  • Bilingual/English & Spanish
  • 10+ years’ experience

Import Tolerance Studies Throughout Latin America


Why IAR excels at what we do…

  • IAR maintains open, continuous and documented communications with study director, sponsor and field investigator
  • IAR manages a GLP-trained network of 20+ field investigators in 15 Latin America countries
  • IAR has successfully managed field trials in Latin America for more than 10 years
  • IAR investigators are adept in use of iAdvantage software and accurate eFTN (electronic field-trial notebook) application in the field
  • IAR maintains proven network of freight brokers to support international shipment of test substances and crop samples
  • IAR headquarters in North Carolina and offices in Costa Rica ensure quick reaction to changing regulatory needs
  • IAR’s bilingual field documentation is designed for Latin America use to ensure study compliance with EPA and OECD regulations
Eduardo Cartin

Eduardo Cartin

Study Director & Project Manager

  • 10 years international GLP project management experience
  • Bachelor in Biotechnology: Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
  • Field trial management experience in 16 countries
  • GLP/Software Applications Trainer
  • Bilingual (English-Spanish)


Ying Li, Ph.D.

Ying Li, Ph.D.

Study Director and Residue Analytical Scientist

  • Over 12 years’ experience on planning, monitoring and residue sample analysis to satisfy regulatory requirements.
  • Manage and co-ordinate worldwide crop residues and bee pollinator projects.
  • Monitor study progress, review data and final reports.
  • Monitor plant and animal residue studies conducted at CROs.
  • Technical expert support for EPA, PMRA, and EU registration submissions.
Debbie Warboys

Debbie Warboys

President & Business Manager

  • Over 7 years of experience of business administration / accounting.
  • Graduate in Business Administration: Universidad Latina
  • Program Management Professional (PgMP)®
  • Bilingual (English-Spanish)




Debra L. (Deb) Green, RQAP-GLP

Debra L. (Deb) Green, RQAP-GLP

Quality Assurance Manager

Experience auditing:

  • Protocols
  • Field trials
  • Field Trial notebooks using paper data and various electronic notebook systems
  • Analytical laboratories
  • Analytical data
  • Final reports for submission under EPA and OECD GLPs
  • Various study types including Residue, Environmental Fate, Metabolism, and ecotoxicology
  • Conducting facility inspections
  • Providing GLP training

B.G.S. in Biology, University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas


Ann M. Harbin

Ann M. Harbin

Study Director/Analytical Chemistry

  • 35 years’ experience in reviewing/reporting field trial and analytical agrochemical data
  • Knowledge with EPA OCSPP Guidelines Series 860 and OECD harmonization
  • Expertise monitoring MOR, processed food/feed (FQPA), frozen storage stability, soil dissipation, rotational crop, DFR, and others
  • Familiarity with various field electronic notebook systems
  • MS in Analytical Chemistry, University of Missouri at Kansas City

Here’s what customers have said about IAR

The latest banana import tolerance study by International Ag was the best managed, most trouble-free study we have ever had. This is the first time we used International Ag and they exceeded our expectations.

J. Thomas Wofford

Group Leader, Chemistry, BASF Corp.

I am delighted to say we can recommend an excellent CRO for residue trials in South America International Agricultural Research has considerable GLP experience and has conducted many studies designed for import tolerance. They are experienced in conducting trials with iAdvantage and have even trained local PFIs on the software.

Mary Moore

Team Leader, Dietary Safety Development, Syngenta Crop Protection

I don’t believe I’ve ever gotten a response back on the same day the report was issued before!

Melinda A. K. Puik

Senior QAU/ Regulatory Affairs, Syngenta Crop Protection

The IAR team is very well organized and great to work with.  They deliver high quality research, documentation quality is top-notch, and attention to detail is second to none.  Their performance is especially impressive considering the necessary grower networking for site procurement, logistics, and other challenges associated with working in many countries in LATAM.  Impeccable integrity.

Fred Rice

Environmental Fate Scientist, Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC.

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